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              Downtown Student Res

              (905) 346-2644

              1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way

              St. Catharines, Ontario


              Mailing address is

              CFBU 103.7 FM c/o
              1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
              St. Catharines L2S 3A1. 



              Welcome to Brock's Student Radio

              At home this term? Tune in on your mobile device.

              For COVID-19 updates please visit us on twitter


              Join our Virtual Bottle Drive

              Support Brock Radio through your empties wherever you are. Commit to donating the proceeds of your returns, count up your empties, then use our handy donate button. If you live locally we can also arrange contactless drop off. (Beer/wine/spirits bottles/cans/tetrapacks accepted.)
              Thank you for your support!


              Student djs/hosts are needed for the following music shows:

              World | Local | Canadian | Ska | Jazz and more!


              And spoken word shows addressing: Student Life | Social Issues | The Environment | Women's Issues | Poverty | Sustainability | Pop Culture and more.


              Support your local campus/community station and receive a
              Community Connect Discount Card with every donation of $20 or more.
              Get great discounts at participating local businesses.


              About CFBU 103.7 fm

              CFBU is a non profit corporation run by  Brock University Student Radio  (BUSR). We broadcast at a frequency of 103.7 FM from the top of the Schmon Tower at Brock University, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

              To become a member of BUSR, individuals must become volunteers at CFBU. Community members also pay an annual membership fee of $20.00. 


              CFBU is proud to participate in



              Meet us on Twitter or Facebok (page | group)